Monday, May 24, 2010

The Garden Begins....

Dabbling in the garden, still afraid of a frost so I'm taking it slowly.

Today I set out the seedlings for 4 different lettuces, 9 plants of each. These are the start of the hopefully 10 lettuce varieties I'm growing out for seed. So far we have:

.:blushing butter oakleaf:.
.:tom thumb mini-butterhead:.
.:great lakes 659:.
.:black-seeded simpson:.

They aren't ready for a photo shoot yet, so no pictures :o) I'm having a bit of a panic trying to figure out a garden layout that respects isolation distances and the reality of our urban lot. I think the herb patch is going to have to go as it makes rototilling very difficult, we'll see...

Meanwhile dh is very busy out in the market garden, I hear tell of beets, radishes, and watering systems for the soon to be planted tomatoes.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Creston Valley Food Action Coalition

Today I had the pleasure of presenting Itty Bitty Seeds at the May meeting of the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition. This is the group that organizes the Harvest Share program, Creston Farm Fresh Guide, and now the Farmer's Market. This is the place for information on the grain CSA's as well. Their website is new and already chockful of handy information. If you want to learn about the Community Greenhouse, Garden Club, or even the Herbal Society this is the site to see. It is great to see all of these producers and other stakeholders working together promoting local food and local agriculture.

I took the seeds that I had remaining as well as our extra tomato transplants to sell or barter with. Everyone was very supportive ~ Thanks guys!!!