Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yes, the garden is in... mainly.

I have left a little space, thinking carrots, maybe something overwintering, maybe..... The boys however had definite plans, Tonka trucks. While it was nice of them to only dig in the unplanted bits with trucks and shovels... they weren't paying attention to their feet. There were a couple bean fatalities to the rear.

Final tally for planting


.:Yellow Brandywine:.
.:Black Krim:.
.:Sicilian Saucer:.
.:Joe's Portuguese:.
.:Speckled Roman:.
.:Purple Prince:.
.:Guido Petroboni:.
.:Gold Nugget:.
.:Tante Betta's Paste:.
.:Tante Betta's Black Russian:.
.:Heinz 1439:.
.:Roma VFN:.

There are a few other varieties of determinate tomatoes out at the farm. We will wait to see what is harvested of these...


.:Blushing Butter Oakleaf:.
.:Tom Thumb Mini Butterhead:.
.:Great Lakes 659:.
.:Black Seeded Simpson:.
.:Paris Island Cos (Romaine):.
.:Ralsie Lane:.
.:Hilde Neckarriesen:.
.:Red Buttersworth Butter:.


.:Taylor Horticultural Bush:.
.:Jacob's Cattle Bush:.
.:Fortex Fillet Pole:.
.:Blue Lake Pole:.
.:Pea Bean Pole:.
.:Cannelini Pole:.
.:Persian Lima Pole:.
.:Stokkeivits Pole:.
.:Dolloff Pole:.
.:Italian Steak Pole:.
.:Pencil Pod Black Wax Bush:.
.:Ireland Creek Annies Bush:.
.:Black Turtle Bush:.
.:Black Coco Bush:.
.:Ethiopian Lentils Bush:.
.:Orca Bush:.
.:Black Garbonzo Bush:.
.:Fin de Bagnols Bush:.
.:Calima Bush:.
.:Small White Bush:.
.:Contender Bush:.
.:Provider Bush:.
.:Ruckle Bush:.
.:Soep Boon Bush:.

Two other varieties are out at the farm being delicately dined on by deer. We may not be harvesting anything from them :o)

I am hoping that the tomatoes will manage to put forth fruit before frost even though they got into the ground so late. A couple of the lettuces are already starting to bolt ~ YEAH! On our way to seeds.

What I am quite concerned about are the rare varieties of beans that might not have time to mature, with such a cold set spring I held off planting, maybe too late. Others told me that waiting was good as their own beans rotted so at least these are up and my precious 4-10 seeds each of those varieties have a chance!

Most of the beans look like this:

And this:

Imagine my surprise at this:

And this:

WHAT THE!?!?!?!?

Turns out garbanzo beans and lentils don't put forth the usual 'bean' leaf; who knew?

(Some of the spellings for these varieties might change once I have the energy to look them up properly, also one bean variety will completely change its name now that I have tracked down its proper origin. Hang on. Individual listings coming eventually...)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ralsie Lane Lettuce

Developed in Creston
Very recommended for overwintering plantings
Seemed to bolt easily in the heat

Code L8

Iceberg Lettuce

Not in head yet

Code L7

Prizehead Lettuce

Code L6

Hilde Neckarriesen Lettuce

Code L9

Paris Island Cos Lettuce (Romaine)

Code L5

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

Code L4

Great Lakes 659 Lettuce

Code L3

Tom Thumb Mini-Butterhead Lettuce

Code L2

Blushing Butter Oakleaf Lettuce

Code L1