Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Introducing Itty Bitty Seeds

Welcome to Itty Bitty Seeds! We're glad you are able to join us here.

About Us...

We started off as market gardeners sending off massive seed orders each year to supply our needs. We tried to find a local seed supplier, 100 mile seeds anyone?? We didn't find one so we took the plunge and started saving our own. We went from a linear year of purchase, grow, sell, and repeat to a more natural rhythm, from seed to seed and around again. Thus we are completing the natural growing cycle right at home.

We found that if you start growing enough seeds for a couple acres of market gardens it just snowballs until you are saving enough to supply others. It so very addicting!

Sustainability, genetic diversity, and natural growing practices are important to us. Gardening post-oil, skilling up for powering down, and just being self-sufficient within our community are some of our motivators. Enjoying what we do and meeting great people like you are our rewards.

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  1. That's so great!! I'm excited to watch your business grow!