Sunday, March 13, 2011

Creston Seedy Saturday 2011

In keeping with our low-carbon mandate we loaded up the bike trailer and headed off to Seedy Saturday. So much more pleasant to stroll along pushing the bike chatting with my eldest daughter than to rush off in the van, parking is easier too.

We got our two tables all set up and were thrilled to be beside Dan McMurray. He had a couple ideas for us and we traded a few seeds before the doors were open. We offered our bean seeds either loose or prepackaged. They made a very attractive display.

During the presentation on seed saving we took a break and Kait pulled out her knitting.

It was very informative to talk to the various people who attended. it was so nice to meet so many interesting people!!! We can see definite trends in what people are looking for and many ways that we can improve our offerings. Thanks for all the great ideas folks :o)

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If you are attending a Seedy event as a vendor you might appreciate these ideas that I need to mark down to remember for our next event:
-our float was actually large enough, no problems with making change
-we need a better sign, time to get more official
-having enough of our seed list printed up so we could give one to everyone was great
-having two tables thinly spread out made it easier for people to browse
-having a person for each of the tables instead of only me helped too
-pack liquids! We avoid plastic and should have packed our own drinks, thankfully we were able to get tap water in real glass glasses from the coffee shop on-site
-points to us for having tape to share, paper tape ;-)
-pictures of the beans in green stage, the lettuce, and the tomatoes would help, a lot
-taste everything, make notes, be ready to share, recipes maybe

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