Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creston Seedy Saturday 2012

I received this event poster in my email the other day. All the info about the Seedy Saturday event in Creston for 2012. As usual it is at the New Life Christian Church just east of the high school on Elm in their basement. There will be seeds to trade, pick up and to purchase. Local farmers are encouraged to bring in their products as well.

There is no charge to get in as there is no presentation this year. The college is instead offering 2 classes in seed saving one in May and the other in the fall at the college itself.

If there is any specific questions or information you want covered at the classes please send me an email. It seems it is my turn to lead this class. Brenda, Karen, Dan, Holly and others have all had a turn and with Holly moving.... Oh boy.

I've been busy laying out an outline and thinking of ways to present the materials with photos and hands on activities. Any ideas are appreciated!

Any favourite seed saving resources? I am trying to put together a good collection of handouts for participants and am going to bring all the seed saving books that I refer to. It is nice to see what is out there before purchasing anything.

Anyways ... Seedy Saturday, Creston, 2012, March 10, 1-4, New Life Christian Church, 1821 Elm Street.

See you there!

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